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The interactive flows and cockpit are the greatest tool around in the market to date. They helped me immensely. I could not recommend this product enough. You will be thanking your lucky stars that the guys at Aviation eLearning designed and delivered a product of this quality. Great product, great guys and I could not be happier to shout that statement from the roof tops.

Blake T.

Pilot - Airbus A320

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The Normal Cockpit Procedure Trainers help you learn about actions of both Pilot-In-Command and First Officer – and Pilot Flying (PF), and Pilot Not Flying (PNF) modes. Abnormal Cockpit Procedure Trainers give you an opportunity to learn through three modes:

  • EXPLORE mode allows you to move around the cockpit and discover cockpit procedures by yourself.
  • TEACH ME guides you through the procedures and explains them.
  • TEST ME allows you to test your memory on procedure sequence.
Cockpit Procedure Trainers - Explore mode with hotspots


The Cockpit Procedure Trainers are built of 360° pictures technology. The high resolution images used for the 360° view give you a unique opportunity to zoom and explore even the smallest details. You are about to experience a training session like no other before.

Cockpit Procedure Trainers - Preflight Procedure hotspots


Design and the structure of the trainer make browsing through the app simple and intuitive. The structure of the information has been developed and tested by professionals with years of experience in aviation. Their experience helped build an effective training solution for pilots.

Cockpit Procedure Trainers - Preflight Procedure flow


The hotspots will help you locate every action required for each procedure. They are positioned on the exact place where you would find them in a cockpit. You have the option to interact with each of them in a number of ways – receiving text pop-up with visuals, audio explanations and more.

Cockpit Procedure Trainers - PF Cockpit Preparation flow


Aviation eLearning has combined years of professional experience and the latest technology to build training modules. The normal and emergency procedures for each Cockpit Procedure Trainer are wrapped in our unique and simple to use iPad app.

Cockpit Procedure Trainers - Teach Me mode

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