Flight Time Limitations

Flight Time Limitations

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This new e-learning course of Flight Time Limitations will give you an overview of the new EASA FTL that will go into effect on 18th of February 2016.

The course has some elements transferred from Subpart Q to EASA FTL. However, some of the elements are different and some new concepts are introduced.

In the beginning of the course you will learn the new elements and definitions related to the new regulations of Flight Time Limitations, and subjects are described in detail during the course.

You will enjoy an easy to understand course which is based on high quality graphics. Additionally, the entire course is following EASA standards. Approx. duration 45 min.

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Product Description

Flight Time Limitations e-course:

Computer Based Learning intended for cabin and flight crew members.

Course Content

  • Definitions and New terms

    • Accommodation
    • Suitable Accommodation
    • Acclimatised
    • Delayed reporting
    • Disruptive schedules
    • Night duty
    • Rest facility
    • Reserve
    • Reference time
    • Rotation
    • Sectors
    • Window of circadian low (WOCL)
    • Circadian rythm
  • Operator and Crew responsibilities
  • Flight and Duty time periods
    • Maximum Flight Duty Period
    • Basic FDP
    • Extended FDP
    • Extension of FDP due to in-flight rest (long haul)
    • FDP with split duty
    • Positioning
    • Cabin Crew check-in difference
  • Standby
    • Standby and airport standby
    • Reserve
  • Rest Requirements
    • Rest periods
    • Rest at out station
    • Weekly rest
    • Local night, local day
    • Disruptive schedules
    • Time zone differences
  • Unforeseen circumstances
    • Commanders discretion
    • Reporting
    • Delayed reporting (check-in)
  • Other rules
    • Maximum duty hours
    • Maximum flight hours

Learning Objectives
All participants will gain knowledge of the new elements of EU FTL. Be able to calculate own Flight Duty time.

Course Preparation
No preparation required.

Course Evaluation
Course certificate with validation key is standard. Student tracking with Learning Management
System (LMS – optional). Optional test.

Will I receive a certificate upon completion of the course?

  • Yes, you will receive a certificate that documents your training.

For airlines interested in volume licensing for e-learning, please go to ael.aero


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