Fatigue Management Training
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Fatigue Management Training

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Learn all about fatigue in aviation and stay alert during flight duty!

Our Fatigue Management Training will help you to understand fatigue risks in flight operations and ways you can prevent it.

The course was developed to assist flight and cabin crew as well as OCC staff and schedule planners.

Throughout the course you will get applicable tips on how to handle fatigue issues.

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Product Description

Fatigue Management Training e-course:

Computer Based Learning intended for Cabin and Flight crew members, OCC staff, and schedule planners.

Course Content

  • Introduction Case
  • Applicable regulatory requirements for flight, duty and rest
  • The basics of fatigue including sleep fundamentals and the effects of disturbing the circadian rhythms
  • The causes of fatigue, including medical conditions that may lead to fatigue
  • The effect of fatigue on performance
  • Fatigue countermeasures
  • The influence of lifestyle, including nutrition, exercise, and family life, on fatigue
  • Familiarity with sleep disorders and their possible treatments
  • Where applicable, the effects of long range operations and heavy short range schedules on individuals
  • The effect of operating through and within multiple time zones and the crew member responsibility for ensuring adequate rest and fitness for flight duty

Fatigue Management Training starts with introduction case involving fatigue issues.

Our virtual mentors – Michelle and Michael – will guide you through the course and explain rules and regulations regarding fatigue, sleepiness factors, symptoms of fatigue, myths about sleep and sleep disorders.

In this course you will also learn about crew’s responsibilities and operator’s responsibilities regarding fatigue.

Course reference material

  • AMC 1 FCL.ORO. 250
  • Reg. (EU) No. 965/2012 and amendment Reg. (EU) 83/2014 (Subpart FTL)
  • Crew factors in Flight Operations X and XV, NASA Ames Research Center
  • If applicable. OM-A Chapter 7

Learning Objectives

  • Understand that fatigue is a risk in modern aviation, both in long haul or extensive multi leg operation
  • Participants will gain knowledge of how to handle Fatigue and its causes.
  • Learn how to reduce, avoid and report Fatigue during flight operation.
  • Get best practices with sleep as an effective Fatigue mitigation tool

Course Preparation
No preparation required.

Course Evaluation
Course certificate with validation key is standard. Student tracking with Learning Management System (LMS – optional). Optional test.

For airlines interested in volume licensing for e-learning, please go to ael.aero


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