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A320 bundle
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Airbus A320 Cockpit Bundle

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A320 Bundle is now available for 3 months at a discounted price. A320 Bundle is a package containing 2 cockpit procedure trainers: A320 Memory Items Trainer and A320 Normal Procedure Trainer. A complete set of tools helping you boost your training process.

A320 Normal Procedure Trainer allows you to go through procedures of pilot-in-command and first officer by browsing through hotspots which locate specific actions of the procedures. Explore all hotspots and learn about all procedures from power up to shutdown.

A320 Memory Items Trainer lets you browse through Memory Items and Flight Profiles in EXPLORE mode. Learn the flow of actions of Memory Items through text pop-ups with audio assistant in TEACH ME mode. Test your skills and memory in TEST ME mode.

IMPORTANT: This product requires a solid internet connection with minimum recommended download speed of 5Mbps. Minimum required screen resolution is 1024 x 690 pixels.
To test if this product will work properly with your internet and device, please try our demo first. 

Product Description

High quality visual elements create realistic cockpit environment for the best training experience.

In our A320 – Memory Items Trainer you can easily browse through the Memory Items and learn about Flight Profiles.
The learning experience is brought to you through three modes: EXPLORE mode, TEACH ME mode and TEST ME mode. EXPLORE mode allows you to browse through Memory Items and Flight Profiles freely in the order of your choice and at your own pace. In the TEACH ME mode the flow of actions of each Memory Item is explained in both audio and written form. TEST ME mode gives you an option to measure your knowledge by locating necessary actions of each Memory Item in correct order.

In our A320 – Normal Procedure Trainer you can learn about procedures to be completed by pilot flying and pilot not flying by selecting either PF (Pilot Flying) or PNF (Pilot Not Flying) training option.
Our trainer includes flows of main cockpit procedures to help you visualize the order of actions and locate cockpit controls. That way you will be able to use your knowledge in practice. The procedures cover all actions as they need to be completed from preflight procedures through airborne procedures to landing and shutdown procedures. The procedures are located by hotspots that trigger pop-up messages with more detailed information.

Studying for your simulator check or preparing for a flight has never been this engaging and interesting.

Try A320 Bundle for 3 months now and succeed your type rating with excellent results.


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