A320 Normal Proceduress
A320 Normal Procedure TrainerA320 Normal Procedure TrainerA320 Normal Procedure Trainernormal4A320 Normal Procedure TrainerA320 Normal Procedure Trainer

A320 Normal Procedure Trainer

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PLEASE NOTE: The access to the trainer is limited to 3 months after purchase!

Train in your web browser.

A320 Normal Procedure Trainer visualizes flows of main cockpit procedures to help you learn and remember the order of actions and locate cockpit controls. The actions are located by hotspots that trigger pop-up messages with expanded procedures.

Engaging and efficient preparation before flight or simulator check.

IMPORTANT: This product requires a solid internet connection with minimum recommended download speed of 5Mbps. Minimum required screen resolution is 1024 x 690 pixels.

To test if this product will work properly with your internet and device, please try our demo first. 

Product Description

High quality visual elements of A320 Normal Procedure Trainer create realistic and immersive cockpit environment for the best training experience.

A320 Normal Procedure Trainer is a great training tool to prepare for initial and recurrent type rating.

In our A320 Normal Procedure Trainer you can learn about procedures to be completed by pilot flying and pilot not flying by selecting either PF (Pilot Flying) or PNF (Pilot Not Flying) training option. Preflight, airborne and shutdown procedures.

Normal Procedure standard configuration package contains:
– normal procedures from power-up to shutdown
– need-to-know limitations
– standard call-outs according to your procedures

A320 Normal Procedure Trainer allows you to go through procedures of pilot in command and first officer by browsing through hotspots which locate specific actions of the procedures.

Explore all hotspots and learn about all procedures from power up to shutdown. All procedures and flows are shown in a real cockpit setting.

Our A320 Normal Procedure Trainer is optimized for different learning styles – visual, auditory and reading.

The procedures depict revision 11.

A320 Memory Items Trainer contains:
– all memory items
– flight profiles
– need-to-know limitations
– standard call-outs guide
(to purchase A320 Memory Items Trainer click here or purchase a bundle incl. both normal and emergency procedures)


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