We are proud to announce that we have developed a new cockpit training application for Primera Air.

By using this engaging and interactive application to train their flight crew, the airline aims to reduce simulator and FTD use, minimize classroom training, use simulator time more efficiently, minimize actual aircraft use for equipment training and minimize risk for extra training in the simulator.

The cockpit procedures trainer, which runs on an iPad, contains procedures and checklist flows that are explained in a realistic cockpit setting with a 360° view.

The app was developed with the objective to provide an innovative training tool to prepare flight crew for initial and recurrent type training.

Jan Packert, NP Crew Training at Primera Air, said: “We expect to train our pilots more efficiently, to a higher standard and save money by fewer extra lessons and failed tests.”

All cockpit procedures trainers developed by Aviation eLearning are divided into ‘Normal Procedures’ and ‘Emergency Procedures’.

“The iPad based training was proved to be efficient and motivating. When testing the app, test subjects – flight school students – were given a 2 hour introduction on how to train with the app, and then trained without an instructor present. The reference group of students trained with an instructor for 4 x 4 hours in a normal program. During the subsequent simulator training, the self-trained group using the app performed to the same level as the group with an instructor.” – Steen Bach Sandal, Head of Standards at Aviation eLearning

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